Growing your Fans through CoolbeeWiFi® Social Login!

Market your business with social power!

CoolbeeWiFi® is social marketing platform that allows you to build your business through social marketing with small marketing budgets. Customers of yours access free Internet via Facebook login from your fan page so you can promote your own Facebook Page and earn a new “LIKEs” or post a recommendation on your customer's Facebook. This increases your business' visibility, customer engagement and sales.

How CoolbeeWiFi® Works

Super easy, fast and user friendly register process

Venues Register

After you received the device,

    Step 1. Login at

    Step 2. Add the device to your account

    Step 3. Connect to your Facebook account

Login with exist account or create an new account at

Go to webpage Setting\ Venue Detail\ Device and add the new device to your account.

Go to webpage Setting\ Venue Detail\ Social and Enable Facebook function.

Super simple, fast and safe log-in with current exist account

Guest Login process

    Step 1. Find the store's SSID.

    Step 2. Open Browser and choose access media button.

    Step 3. Press "Like" to access Free Wi-Fi.

Become a reseller/ distributor