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CoolbeeWiFi® is a platform to provide free Wi-Fi for the customers of yours access free Internet via Facebook login from your fan page so you can Promote your own Facebook Page and earn a new “LIKEs” or post a recommendation on your customer's facebook. It will increase your business' visibility, customer engagement and sales.

CoolbeeWiFi® offers Facebook Login currently because Facebook is the world largest social network so far. We also support Wechat which is the biggest social App in China and others social media such as Twitter, Google+, Line, Weibo was supported too. We still continue to develop more social media platform to meet the needs of customers demand.

They can fill in brief registration form from login page to access free Internet.


Yes, we do need Internet connection for our WiFi Solution.

So far CoolbeeWiFi® system only works with our gateway WG-607/WG-701/ISS-7000v2/ISS-7000 v2 CB. If you need to purchase one please contact with our sales.


The CoolbeeWiFi® cloud server will email coupons to customers.

As long as you purchase our Premium Package, there are no limits of number for you to send your coupons but excessive posting may cause a negative impression for your fans, they may unsubscribe your promotion news.

This module currently only works for Premium Package members with additional charge and offers free trial, the free trial issue amount would depend on the size of the device that you purchased. After you activated the service from “pay module” which is under “Setting ” menu. You would be able to find the “Survey tool” Appears under "Marketing " menu.

With "Members Import" feature you can send out coupons with your own members. Without function you only send the coupons from the list of CoolbeeWiFi database.Without function you only send the coupons from the list of CoolbeeWiFi cloud server database.

Currently, only members of the purchase value-added services, membership lists only provide download service.


CoolbeeWiFi® cloud services platform is currently supported by the different size and the number of devices. After you comfirm your Hotspot Hardware and support contemporaneous users, contact ourdistributor or sales person for the cloud service cost.


CoolbeeWiFi® cloud server only supports our own products, such as WG-607, WG-701, ISS-7000 v2 and ISS-7000 v2 CB.

There is no need to download firmware to upgrade your device. When new firmware is released to the cloud server, the cloud server will upgrade the firmware to devices automatically.

You can just press the reset button on the rear side of router. It will back to the factory default setting when you press it.

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